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5 Essentials for at-home fitness

Getting in shape at home is easy with the following five workout essentials. Many of Vertica’s apartments throughout Canada feature state-of-the-art gyms and workout facilities, giving you the option of working out at home or in your building. Vertica has apartments throughout Canada including properties in Montreal, Toronto, Oakville, and Edmonton.

Dumbbells (free weights)

A good set of dumbbell weights are one of the most essential and useful pieces of fitness equipment to have at home. They are great for helping you start and maintain a strength training routine right at home. These hand weights are great for building lean muscle and sculpting your body. Dumbbells are available in a variety of weights, typically starting around 2-3 pounds and going as high as 100 pounds. When using both your own free weights and the weights featured in many of our on-site gyms, please make sure to use with caution and to not let weights drop down and hit the floor, as it can be noisy for your neighbours and harmful to the flooring. Remember safety first!

Stability Ball

A stability ball is a great (and fun) workout tool to have at home. It is very versatile and can be used to help you improve balance, coordination, and strength. The balls come in a variety of different sizes (based on your height and weight), as well as a rainbow of colours. Stability balls typically start around $25 apiece, and are widely available in most department, fitness, and home good stores.

Exercise Mat

A good exercise mat is a great addition to any home workout space. It is another versatile piece of equipment that can take you from yoga, to cardio, to strength training, and much more. Exercise Mats start at around $20, and can be found at most sports, home goods, and fitness stores. They can be rolled up and tucked under the bed or against the wall for easy storage.

Jump Rope

Do you feel the childhood nostalgia coming on? Believe it or not, jump rope is one of the most cost-effective ways to get in a fat busting workout in a matter of minutes. It’s a short and sweet cardio workout that will have you burning calories in no time. Opt for a thick cloth rope or a plastic beaded rope instead of thinner plastic ones.

Resistance Bands/Cords

Resistance bands are a great alternative to free weights and will have you working up a sweat, pushing and pulling your way to stronger muscles. The bands also double up as a great tool for stretching, helping to increase flexibility in a warm-up or cool-down routine.  They come in different resistance levels, allowing you to choose what you need depending on your ability and workout goals.

Many of Vertica’s apartments have state-of-the-art fitness facilities. Toronto’s 50 Prince Arthur apartments, Oakville’s 2200 Marine Drive apartments, and Edmonton’s Oliver Village properties all feature incredible fitness rooms with modern equipment (just to give you a few examples). For more information on Vertica properties please click here.