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You don't have to travel far from home to have fun!
You don't have to travel far from home to have fun!

Plan a March break staycation

When March Break finally rolls around, Canadians across the country breathe a sigh of relief. Not only do many of us take time off at this time of year, but it means that winter is almost over! This is reason enough to celebrate, even if you’re not hopping on an airplane and heading off somewhere tropical. The Vertica Resident Services blog team wants to help you plan a fabulous March Break staycation.

Be a Tourist in Town

March Break is the perfect time to see your city from a different perspective. Take a sightseeing tour or a historic tour. Check out an art gallery or museum. Visit all the local tourist attractions that you typically leave to, well, tourists. Why should they have all the fun?! It’s your city, live it up! If you need specific ideas for your hometown, check online for new discoveries, or even pick up some flyers or hit up the information desk at the local train station or city hall -- just like a real tourist would. Go out for dinner at that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try. The best part about being a tourist in your own city is you’ve got your regular crew of friends and family with you!

A day in the park

Why not take a fun day trip to a nearby national or provincial park or to a historic site? There are several options in every province and kids get into national parks for free! Parks Canada offers activities and experiences to suit everyone.

Fun night in

A March Break staycation can mean heading out for fun days and nights on the town, or staying home for a fun night in. Use the time to connect with friends and family. Have some of your favourite people over to your Vertica apartment for dinner and a game night. No games? No problem! Try one of these fun and easy games for adults or kids. Order food in from a new place you’ve never tried, or your old favourite. Knowing where to order in from is another great advantage of taking a vacation at home!

The Vertica blog team hopes you, your family and friends have a great March Break without all the hassle and expense of travel! For information on Vertica Rental Properties in your city, please visit our website.