Celebrate colour this fall
Celebrate colour this fall

DIY fall decor ideas for renters

Get ready, Calgary. It’s almost time for the gorgeous season of fall! It may be the most beautiful time of year to be outdoors. The fall foliage at the Glenmore Reservoir is breathtaking, but what about when you come home to Glenmore Gardens? The Vertica Resident Services blog team has some DIY fall decor ideas for renters. No permanent changes to your apartment necessary, just temporary, colourful beauty - like the season itself!

Wood Slice Pumpkins

These lovely, simple and sturdy Wood Slice Pumpkins will become a fall decoration that you bring out year after year. You’ll need some wood slices, orange acrylic paint, burlap and a hot glue gun. Start by painting the inside of the wood slice orange to transform it into a pumpkin. When it’s dry, glue a piece of wood, or a twig, or a wine cork to the top, to make a stem. Finally, cut out a leaf shape from the burlap and glue that to the top, too. It’s so fun and easy, you may want to make a few!

Fall Leaf Tree

Why should Christmas be the only time we bring fake trees indoors? You can make this Fall Leaf Tree very easily using fake leafs from the Dollar Store (2580 Southland Dr SW #400) - less than 5 minutes from Glenmore Gardens. You’ll also need a foam cone and regular white glue. Your kids will love to help make this thing! It’s as straightforward as it seems - just glue the leaves onto the cone until it’s completely covered.

Fall Leaf Garland

You may want to pick up an extra package of fake leaves at the Dollar Store to make this Fall Leaf Garland. Simply sew the leaves together, starting with a straight line down the center of the first leaf. Continue the running seam with as many leaves as you want until your desired length is reached.


The Vertica blog team hopes that these DIY fall decor ideas help bring the beauty of the season home to Glenmore Gardens (2105 90th Avenue SW). For information on Vertica Rental Properties in Calgary, please visit our website.