Become one with Your Yoga Collective
Become one with Your Yoga Collective

Start your year with purpose at Your Yoga Collective: Intend!

It’s a brand new year, Calgary! It’s time to set your intentions for 2018 and Your Yoga Collective can help. This series of four (one per season) one-day events can help you map out a year of health, wellness and balance. The Vertica Resident Services blog team wants to connect you with this unique series.

Your Yoga Collective

For one day, each season, Your Yoga Collective presents intentionally sequenced events to enhance your yoga practice, your mind-body connection, and your community connection. The series begins with Intend (winter), followed by Engage (spring), Reflect (fall) and Celebrate (winter). Each of the four events brings yogis together with experienced teachers and community leaders.


The first event of the four part series is Intend. It is set for Saturday, January 20th from 12pm to 8pm at Prospect Place (505 2nd Street SW), less than 5 minutes from Discovery (1121 6 Ave SW). This full day of connection and community is designed to create a space in your heart and mind and prepare you to set goals and intentions for the coming year. It begins with a  traditional Puja welcoming ceremony to honour your spirit and the day. This is followed by two movement classes, suitable for all practitioners. The first is dynamic and flowing, the second is slower paced and grounding. Next comes a meditative yoga nidra class - often referred to as “conscious sleep”.


Along with the regular classes (which also include gentle, live mantra music), practitioners can opt for silent, supported, gentle, long-hold practices as well as support practices for seniors and those with limited mobility.


The day closes with a group meditation and mantra, designed to draw on all the day’s lessons to the surface and connect intentions to the year ahead.


The Vertica blog team hopes Your Yoga Collective and Intend help you to create and live the best 2018 possible. For information on Vertica Rental Properties in Calgary, including the beautiful park-like setting of Glenmore Gardens (2105 90th Avenue SW) and the luxury of The Mansions (104 26th Avenue SW), please visit our website.