Now is the time to create a great year!
Now is the time to create a great year!

New Year's resolutions worth keeping

New Year’s resolutions are easy to make and even easier to break. If you made any resolutions this year, chances are you’ve already broken one or two. The Vertica Resident Services blog team wants to help you make some New Year’s resolutions worth keeping.

Drink more water (and less of everything else)

You don’t necessarily need the magic 8 glasses of water per day, but maintaining proper hydration is essential for optimal physical function. Your kidneys need water to filter and cleanse your body, water helps lubricate your joints and prevent muscle fatigue, and water promotes cardiovascular health. Try drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up. Replace sugary drinks with water, and drink a glass when you feel hungry if you’re trying to lose weight. Curbing your alcohol consumption is also a good idea, while you’re at it.

Walk more

There are many ways to work more walking into your day, without having to set foot on a treadmill. Try taking the stairs, walking on your lunch break, or walking around the block before you go home for the evening. You can use the step counter on your phone or get a wearable activity tracker, to help motivate you.

Sleep more

A healthy adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep per night. When life gets busy (which is pretty much all the time) our sleep is usually the first thing to go. Your physical and mental well being depends largely on how much quality sleep you’re getting. Making the time to get enough sleep can improve your productivity during the day and enhance your overall quality of life like nothing else can.

Manage Stress

The effects of stress on our society and in our bodies are far reaching. Nagging headaches, sleep and digestion problems, anxiety and a host of other symptoms can be linked to stress. Left unchecked, stress can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Make this the year you treat yourself right and learn to manage stress.  

Be more social

You don’t have to be the life of the party, or jam pack your calendar with plans in order to be happy, but some social engagement and connection can do you a world of good. Maintain the relationships that are important to you, avoid the ones that are not. If you’ve recently moved to a new city and want to connect with people, try joining a club or take up a hobby that interests you. You’ll meet other people with similar interests and see them on a regular basis, which is fertile ground for planting the seeds of new friendships


The Vertica blog team wishes you and yours a safe, happy and healthy 2018. For information on Vertica Rental Properties in Canada, please visit our website.