We can fight climate change together
We can fight climate change together

How you can help fight climate change

The reality of climate change cannot be avoided. The problem can seem so complex that it's easy to feel overwhelmed by it. The issue cannot be solved by government alone. There are many choices that individuals can make to make a difference. The Vertica Resident Services blog team wants to empower you to save energy and do your part to save the planet. Here’s how you can help fight climate change.

Energy Efficiency

Being energy efficient means more than just turning off the lights when you leave the room. First off, make sure the light bulbs you use are efficient compact fluorescents or LEDs. Unplug what you are not using. Electronics like computers and TVs draw standby or ‘vampire power’ even while they are turned off. You may want to plug these items into a power bar, so that you can easily turn of a single switch. When you wash your clothes, wash them in cold water and hang dry them whenever you can.


You can help fight climate change by changing some of your food choices. One of the most significant choices you can make as as individual to reduce your carbon footprint is to eat less or no meat and dairy. Having at least one meatless meal a day is a great place to start. Buy local and organic when you can. Choosing organic means you’re avoiding many of the pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Most conventional fertilizers are byproducts of oil refining and, therefore, support the fossil fuel industry. Choosing local food and seasonal food means your food doesn’t require as much energy to be transported to you.


Transportation is responsible for about 25 percent of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. Even if you’re unable to go car-free, you can choose to drive less, carpool and drive the most fuel-efficient car you can find. Walk, bike or use public transportation whenever possible. Traveling by air means a big carbon footprint. Consider vacationing closer to home and taking greener ground transportation like trains or buses. Cut down on business travel by using video conferencing.

Offset Your Carbon Emissions

Even if you take all the right steps to limit your carbon footprint, you won’t be able to eliminate it. You may want to consider offsetting your carbon emissions. The United Nations makes it easy to go carbon neutral at climateneutralnow.org. You can calculate and affordably offset your carbon emissions, and even decide where the money goes.


The Vertica blog team hopes that these tips help you feel more powerful in the fight against climate change. For information on Vertica Rental Properties across Canada, and Vertica's environmental dedication, please visit our website.