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The gifts you make yourself always have the greatest impact
The gifts you make yourself always have the greatest impact

Make your own holiday gifts

The holidays are a time for giving. You don’t have to go into debt to give great gifts to everyone on your list. The gifts you make yourself always mean the most. Making something by hand shows you care enough to take the time to craft a unique gift for a unique person. The Vertica Resident Services blog team wants to share some ideas to help you make your own holiday gifts this year.

Fleece Blanket

Handmade gifts make both the giver and the receiver feel warm all over. It’s especially true when you give someone a Fleece Blanket that you made yourself. You’ll need a metre and a half to 2 metres of fleece fabric and 7 to 8 metres of trim. To make the blanket, start by cutting the edges off your fabric, making them as straight as possible. Fold the fleece into fourths, matching all four corners. Using a bowl, trace a curve onto the fabric and cut all four corners. The tutorial will walk you through the trim process. You may want to make one for yourself!

Wooden Photo Transfer

Give a personalized gift that will last a lifetime with this Photo to Wood Transfer tutorial. You’ll need a photo of your choice, printed in reverse on 20 lbs. printer paper, as well as a piece of wood a little larger than your photo. You’ll also need Mod Podge, a brush and a cloth. The result will be well worth the effort.

Mini Pool Table in a Tin

This gift is perfect for the person who has everything -- except room for a full sized pool table. This tiny Pool Table in a Tin makes a cute, clever and crafty gift. You’ll need: Aluminum Tin, Casting Plaster, 8mm Beads, Clear Plastic Bead Tubes, Aluminum Floral Wire, Wooden Dowel, Washi Tape, Self Adhesive Felt, Glue Dots, Paint, Pliers and Scissors. This is how you call the shots on a great holiday gift.

Decorative Potpourri Jars

These decorative Potpourri Jars make perfect stocking stuffers or hostess gifts. The spicy-sweet smell of stovetop potpourri is like giving the gift of warm coziness, itself!

Dark Chocolate-Pecan Toffee

Give a gift of decadent sweetness with this homemade Chocolate-Pecan Toffee Recipe. It’s so much more meaningful than showing up with a box of storebought candy. It’s super simple to make in about an hour, with only about 25 minutes of hands-on work time.

Happy Holidays from the Vertica blog team. To make yourself at home with Vertica Rental Properties across Canada, please visit our website.