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Show summer some love
Show summer some love

Bring summer into your apartment!

Summer breezes bring with them the urge to take life easy-breezy. To relax, simplify and quite literally be laid back. Our team wants to help you lay back and enjoy a season in the sun. To help create the proper atmosphere, we’ve put together a quick list of affordable decor ideas to bring a splash of summer into your home. 

Display some beachy treasures

It’s easy to create a casual beachy feel at home in your apartment. If you have a shelf or cabinet that you use for displaying knick-knacks, switch it up with some seaside treasures. A few shells, blue glass or pieces of driftwood is all it takes. If you don’t have a shelf to spare, it’s easy to create one. Get an old wooden ladder from a flea market or garage sale, paint it white and lean it against the wall. It will instantly become a summer display that is easy to move away when fall rears its head. 

Where you hang your hats

Sun hats immediately evoke a summery feeling. Hanging a small collection of them on wall hooks, or simply arranging them on a side table, will give your home a more seasonal aesthetic. When it’s time to head out into the sun, just grab one and go!

Signs of summer

Any old piece of wood can be easily transformed into a sign of summer. Either paint the old wooden board in a summery colour or whitewash it for a beachy look. Stencil on the name of a favourite beach or summer vacation destination or give your own home a summer name and display it proudly. 

Give your sofa a summer makeover

A dark-coloured sofa can make a room feel a bit heavy in the summer heat. You can give your sofa a simple summer makeover by throwing a colourful, breezy textile over it. It could be a tablecloth, a picnic blanket, a sarong or even a giant beach towel. If the material won’t cover the whole couch, just drape it over the center or wrap the seat cushions with it. 

Our team wishes you and yours a simple, sunny and sensational summer. 

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