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Find everything you need for a magical holiday meal in Montreal
Find everything you need for a magical holiday meal in Montreal

Where to shop for your holiday meal in Montreal

Montréal is a city that loves good food and lively celebrations, so the holiday season in Montréal is an extraordinary time. When it comes to holiday food shopping in the city, there are so many great markets, shops, boucheries and epiceries to choose from that the hardest part can be deciding which ones to visit. The Vertica Resident Services blog team wants to help with some tips on where to shop for your holiday meal ingredients in Montreal this month.

Boucherie Atlantique

Boucherie Atlantique (5060 Côte-des-Neiges Road) is a family-run gourmet deli. They are a great source for meats, cheeses, incredible smoked salmon and much more. Get there early enough in the day to get your hands on their amazing latkes. Their latkes are some of the best in Montréal. They are made in-house everyday. Once they sell out, you’ll have to wait until the next day to snag yours. Make it a happy Hanukkah with a big order! Atlantique is just a block away from Place Concorde (3355, chemin Queen Mary).

L'Epicerie Moderne

Great food is all in the details and lucky for you, L'Epicerie Moderne (5854 Sherbrooke St West) is all about the details. They specialize in gourmet snacks and appetizers, gourmet sauces, desserts and more. They also carry an array of great craft beers, cider and of course, wine. They are only a 10-minute walk from 5999 Monkland, so stop by and stock up!

The 5 Seasons

The 5 Seasons is a spacious little spot that sells seriously delicious fare. Located at 1280 Greene Avenue in Westmount, they are less than a 5-minute drive from The Shaughn (1770 Rue Joseph Manseau). This Foodie paradise has everything you need to create a full holiday meal -- or have them cater, if cooking isn’t on your holiday wishlist.

Mizan Gourmet

Mizan Gourmet is an affordable, downtown gourmet grocery store. They’re located at 1490 Maisonneuve Blvd West, only about 5 blocks from Le Demetrius (1445 rue Stanley). They specialize in halal meat as well as a good selection of fresh produce and treats. If you’re not in the mood to travel 5 blocks, they deliver!

The Vertica blog team wishes you a happy and delicious holiday season! For information on Vertica Rental Properties in Montréal, please visit our website.